• Marine biology, astronomy, and the interconnected of the two areas

    Sky, Water, Earth is a joint project between the University of British Columbia, the Vancouver Space Centre, and the Vancouver Aquarium. The playlists touch on 4 themes, which are 1) Extreme Environments: Exploring marine and terrestrial extreme environments and their roles as analogues for space-based research and exploration; 2) Water: Maintaining a healthy water system […]

  • How others respond to me as a foreigner

    You can be a foreigner in many ways. You don’t need to cross the Atlantic Ocean to become an outsider. In my personal experience I was a stranger many time. Sometime it has happened in my country too. The first time I moved from my small village to Rome. The second time I transferred from […]

  • Designing Playlists for Learning with DML 6 Grantees

    Designing Playlists for Learning with DML 6 Grantees

    How do playlists help guide learners toward mastery? How do we map the learning pathways associated with the development of expertise and learner identities? Our DML 6 Playlists for Learning grantees are taking on these questions, and others, as they adapt their learning content to work in playlist format on the LRNG.org platform, complete with […]

  • How Should We Transcribe?

    How Should We Transcribe?

    Transcription is a very useful tool. When something is hand-written, or printed badly, someone, or a machine can take the text and usually use a program like Microsoft Word to type the text in the previous format into a ready to read and search document.  Transcription seems simple. Something is on the page, that same thing […]

  • DesignLaunch – A Design Education Playlist

    DesignLaunch – A Design Education Playlist

    DiscoverDesign.org is a free digital platform that enables students nationwide to learn about architecture and design while completing design challenges and receiving feedback from teachers and professionals in the field. Achievements on the platform lead to skills development and digital badges. With over 8,000 registered users nationally, including 201 registered architecture and design professionals, DiscoverDesign […]

  • Building LRNG Badges: Beyond Graphics

    Building LRNG Badges: Beyond Graphics

    Teachers in the New York City Writing Project, Paul Allison, Kiran Chaudhuri, Gina Moss, and Grace Raffaele, talk through the Badge Builder on LRNG. A link to the assessment documents we refer to: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B52TLTNub3z9T3V4SjhLdkIwa3c A link to a PSD version of the Picture Me Badge that can be used as a template: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B52TLTNub3z9TzlvenhlZkNXNlU/view?usp=sharing ALSO: Here’s a close […]

  • The Future of Education Is Now

    I am honored to announce the publication of  my piece, “The Future of Education is Now,”  just out, in Anthropology News . . . http://www.anthropology-news.org/index.php/2017/01/13/the-future-of-education-is-now/   This brief article is for a series the American Association of Anthropologists asked me to write on “the future.” It is an appetizer for my book, The New Education: […]


    HASTAC is a fairly new outlet, established in 2002. HASTAC stands for Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Alliance and Collaboratory. This is a platform with which HASTAC hopes to transform the teaching and learning process by bringing together the humanities and sciences. HASTAC is a place for intellectuals from all backgrounds to come together and share […]

  • HASTAC’s Potential – Intellectual Platform?

    HASTAC’s Potential – Intellectual Platform?

    For the last decade, the constructs of society have been based around social involvement, communication and accessibility to information. The well known leaders and game changers have been large companies. These companies have effectively used technology to impact the ways in which people integrate themselves into an evolving society. Well know players have been Facebook, […]

  • On Discovering HASTAC

    On Discovering HASTAC

      HASTAC to me seems like a unique and genuine forum for collaboration amongst people with the same niche interest in the digital humanites branching topics. It was a surprise to me that to be a confirmed and registered member, that our profile had to be accepted into the organization. It makes me realize that open and […]