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  • Review- Chapter Six ‘Activities for any day of the term’ in ‘The New College Classroom’ by Christina Katopodis and Cathy Davidson.

    It’s Monday morning. You are rushing to your class, which begins, it seems, before the crack of dawn. You haven’t figured out a brilliant, thoughtful way to engage your students and change their lives… Reading these opening lines from the sixth chapter of Christina Katopodis and Cathy N. Davidson’s guide to ‘The New College Classroom,’ […]

  • Chapter 10 Review: “Feedback that Really Works”, from The New College Classroom

    The concept of transformative learning, which takes place through quality, timely feedback, is explored in The New College Classroom, Chapter 10 “Feedback That Really Works.” Cathy Davidson and Christina Katopodis encourage a 360-degree feedback method that considers self reflection, peer feedback, and instructor assessment to create an all-encompassing model that encourages learning across multiple realms. […]

  • Chapter Review for The New College Classroom–Chapter 3: Teaching is Mentoring

    In their book, The New College Classroom, authors Davidson and Katopodis attempt to provide a framework for educators to create student-centered learning environments that benefit learners and faculty alike, as they offer a scaffolded approach to building community and fostering active learning.   Structured into two main sections that the authors named Changing Ourselves and Changing […]

  • Chapter 12: What could possibly go wrong?

    Review This chapter sees co-authors Cathy N. Davidson and Christina Katopodis of The New College Classroom offering tangible, adaptable approaches for classrooms of any level. The discussion is initially grounded in conversations that Davidson and Katopodis had held with other educators who seemed to encounter moments of “failure” that evidently threw progressive classroom teaching methods […]

  • “The New College Classroom” Chapter 4 Review: “Before the First Class”

    Cathy N. Davidson and Christina Katopodis’s 2022 thorough yet approachable book The New College Classroom seeks to transform the university learning experience into one that is more interactive and engaging than the current standard techniques of lectures and controlled discussions. This guide for integrating what they term “participatory learning” is rooted in prior conceptions of […]

  • Chapter Review: “Grades – Ugh!” from The New College Classroom

    “Grades – Ugh!” in The New College Classroom by Cathy Davidson and Christina Katapodis. Harvard University Press, 2022. Reviewed by Hannah Mendro Throughout the whole of The New College Classroom, Cathy Davidson and Christina Katopodis provide a rigorous critical and forward-looking commentary on the state of the education system (mostly in the United States, but […]

  • Review of Cathy N. Davidson and Christina Katopodis’ Chapter 11 “Grades–Ugh!” from The New College Classroom

    Pulling out a red pen, instructors take on the often-grueling task of designing assessment practices and grading their students. In Chapter 11, “Grades–Ugh,” Cathy Davidson and Christina Katopodis continue their engagement with participatory learning by challenging assumptions about the history of grading and share assessment approaches that embrace an ungrading pedagogy. The authors of The […]

  • EVENT: Digital Fridays w/ Paulina Hernández-Trejo, Urmi Parekh & Joshua Goldstein (Apr 28, 2023)

    THIS Friday, join us for presentations featuring HASTAC Scholars Paulina Hernández-Trejo, Urmi Parekh and Joshua Goodstein

  • Welcome to HASTAC Commons!

    Welcome to HASTAC Commons!

    “The only lasting truth is change.”—Octavia Butler This is the first time I’m logging into HASTAC Commons and blogging “as a civilian”–and I like it. And I hope you do too. While the platform design will still be evolving in its early days, the site is now open for your registration and activity. We want […]

  • Join the JITP Collective! Apply by Nov 30th

    Call for Participation The Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy seeks new members to join our Editorial Collective. We invite applications from graduate students, scholars, and practitioners in all fields who critically and creatively engage with digital technology in their teaching, learning, and research. We will be appointing both graduate student members and non-student members (faculty, staff, practitioners). […]