Throw Out Your Lesson Plans

Sometimes, you just need to throw out your lesson plans. You need to meet the moment of where you and your students are. This morning is one such morning. In my art classes, we are learning about self-portraits. I am big on themes across each class. As such, for our photography class we are doing self portraits as well. 

This morning, I thought hmmmm, hybrid, covid, sunshine, four walls, computer screen, agoraphobia. These last couple of years have been totally wonky. As such, I want to visit the idea of identity for a while. I thought back to my undergrad classes in Psychology. I was a Psychology major for undergrad and also studied Art Therapy. 

I had an ah-ha moment percolate with my coffee. Marcia! Yes, I want my students to explore James Marcia’s Four Stages of Identity Development circa 1966. We are going to do this through self-portraits. Any media for assembling these self-portraits will do. I will let you know how it goes. Cheers and Happy Fri-Yay!