How to Manage Post-Screen-time Anger in Kids

Top pediatric professionals around the world agree that kids who spend more than the above-average amount of time glued to an electronic device will have problems. These problems extend to aggression, moodiness, and other behavioral issues. Known as sensory overload, these kids often show angry behavior after watching too much screen time and they appear to be all hyped or revved up, ready to climb into anyone. 

Parents have to set the example

Unfortunately, even as adults, our smartphones have become a vital part of our lives and this is the example we’re setting for our kids. Screen time has come at a cost to our social and emotional wellbeing, and we’re communicating that it’s ok for our kids. The concept of managing post-screen-time anger in kids and trying to find some kind of digital detox isn’t simple. 

The reason for this is that kids use their phones for school and for leisure. Parents often moan about how their kids are glued to their phones, but they don’t stop to check their own digital addiction behavior. As a parent, the behavior you want to see in your kids starts with you, and the trouble starts when parents aren’t disciplined to limit their own screen time but they expect their kids to. 

Get kids to sleep better

Most school-going kids – those between the ages of 5 and 12 need 9 to 11 hours of sleep each night. Both bedtime and waking-up times need to be as consistent as possible for quality sleep. Many parents allow their young children to have screen time up to 10 at night. They don’t realize that there is a strong connection between anger and mood changes and sleep deprivation. Children who get the right amount of sleep show fewer emotional outbursts of aggressive behavior. 

The other positive knock-on effects of making sure your kids are in bed at the right time are improved mood and clearer thinking. Along with good sleep patterns, ensure that your kids are eating well and allow them to also benefit from omega-3 and vitamin supplementation. 

Set rules about screen time

As a parent, you need to figure out the best times to allow screen time for your kids. It’s no good sending your kids out to play outdoors in the afternoons after school if they have their cell phones with them. You don’t want to allow them screen time just before bed so what about weekends only? Can you discipline your kids or are you afraid of the repercussions if you do?

You have to pick the times that don’t interrupt the family dynamics. You want to ensure that your kids have completed all their chores before screen time. So you will have to establish screen-time hours with your kids and stick to them. You must sit with them and program them well so that they know the hours when they’ll be able to access the tv or mobile devices. This way, they will create less or no fuss and will understand why it is being done.

Get help with rage attacks 

Anger and aggression are common reasons why parents finally resort to behavioral interventions for their kids, and Interactive Counselling wisely adapts their therapeutic style to meet the needs of their particular client. They establish a solid relationship with the client and introduce coping strategies for the aggressive child but also for the rest of the family. 

They have different counselors and therapists who are confident in their abilities to help those going through difficult times. Out-of-control rage attacks can seem like a nightmare but while it is the job of parents to teach their kids social skills, sometimes it becomes too much to bear. That’s when skilled, experienced counselors can help you through the process.