Bubble Gum Alley

Bubble Gum Alley

Bubble Gum Alley

Yay!! Getting ready to start our poetry unit!!  I love poetry!! I wrote this for my 8th graders. Thought I would share. It is still a work in progress. Have a happy day!! : )

Around the corner in San Luis Obispo

there is an alley of spit,

Spit stuck with bubble gum.


Oooey gooey blue, pink, green


each dabbed on with a fingerprint.


The swirls imprint

the chewer,

A passerbyer. One more chomp

to squeeze out the flavor.


By morning light,

Pastel pebbles greet newcomers

Welcoming maps in clutched hands, selfies, and college

t-shirts with the tags torn off.

Sticky, gums. Some stretch down diagonal

Long droops slouch fat strings to the sidewalk ground


Where dandelions grow through cement cracks.

The rouge squirrel rounds the corner

Sniffs and snubs

at the petrified gums peppered in

spitty dust.


                                             -Mrs. Gilly