Online Writing Activities (Netprov)

As many of us have had to suddenly move our class online, we need to find activities suitable for this new environment. For that purpose, Rob Wittig and I put a few pages of resources about netprovs together for those of you who have suddenly found yourselves online teaching writing or digital media.

Netprovs are light-weight collaborative writing projects.  Netprov is internet improv. Netprov is collaborative, roleplay literature in digital media. Netprov is just what we need to connect our sequestered students with some engaging interplay.

The pages offer a few easy-to-launch, ready-to-go exercises you can try out with your students with a plug for the larger-scale netprov we’re running in April. 

All of it is just free for you to use or adapt, and we’re happy to assist if you need any help trying them out with your students.

Be safe. Be well. 

Let us know how we can help.