Running Bibliography – PBL: Explanations and How To’s

At the beginning of this exploration into PBL, I had no idea where to start. I am not an Education major, but I do feel an undeniable bond with younger learners who are yearning for a way to learn and have fun in the classroom. I started with a book suggested by my sponsor, Beth Benedix. It’s called Creating Joyful Classrooms by Sarah Butzin. The book includes a small section about Butzin and her life’s work. I highly reccomend reading that part! Her passion and dedication for Project-based Learning started me on the right path. In this running bibliography post, I have included Creating Joyful Classrooms and other sources I have read thus far. They give great templates and how to’s on starting a PBL activity and also have real-life stories from teachers who have already started to try it! Under each citiation, I have a parargaph or two summaries of the sources and some of the initial thoughts I had while reading through them! Comment below this bibilography if you have any other sources that would fit on this bibliography. 


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