Here’s the REAL Scandal of Higher Education

Here’s the REAL Scandal of Higher Education

 While …the national news media went berserk around B-list celebrities paying off admissions counselors to get their offspring into elite universities, a real scandal went unnoticed…

While . . .  New York city pundits wrung their hands over the fact that only 7 Black students out of a class of 895 were admitted to the high prestige Stuyvesant High School, the real crime happening New York’s public schools went undetected . . .

These three essays help to expose the real scandal and name the real crimes in public education today.


(1) “The True Crime in Higher Education: How We’ve Abandoned Public Universities Like CUNY”  provides important data about the defunding of higher education.   Not one state currently funds public higher education at the same per capita rate that it did before the 2008 crisis. We are robbing higher education, we are robbing the next generation, we are robbing all of us of a future.  THAT is the scandal:


(2) This op-ed by a Queens College student highlights the difficulty of any student from an underfunded high school even getting into college–no advisors, no “teaching to the test” because the teachers are overworked, overburdened, and have no time to work with each student on honing their test-taking score


(3) And this interview by NPR’s education correspondent Anya Kamenetz with LaGuardia Community College President Gail Mellow reminds us that, while we are obsessed with the fact that only seven Black students were admitted to a prestige high school in NYC, we then don’t even think about the fact that 99.99% of the city’s children go to subpar schools that do not prepare them for college or for any part of adult life.  As President of LGCC, Dr. Mellow had to make sure her institution provided a quality education for the “top 100%” and had to do that against the defunding of public education noted in the other articles:  “Why Harvard, Yale, and Stanford May Not Be the ‘Best’ Colleges” talks about the real crimes against public education and against the public today: