HASTAC 2017 Call for Panelists | Building a Feminist Future: On (Digital) Pedagogical Praxis

HASTAC 2017: The Possible Worlds of Digital Humanities
University of Central Florida, Orlando, November 2-4 

Building a Feminist Future: On (Digital) Pedagogical Praxis

This panel explores how digital feminist pedagogical praxis can help materialize a more just, equitable, and pleasurable future. Moving between theory and practice, but always with an eye towards the better world-making that can occur in classrooms, however loosely defined, I hope to gather educators interested in any of the following questions (I’m interested in your questions too):

  • How do digital technologies reconfigure relationships between institutions and communities?
  • In what ways can digital technologies exacerbate or challenge extant power hierarchies both in the classroom and in the world beyond the classroom?
  • How can digital technologies empower historically-silenced and excluded students?
  • How can digital pedagogies help us intervene in what bell hooks famously called the “neo-colonial white supremacist capitalist patriarchy”?
  • What histories, genealogies, methodologies, and theoretical frameworks will allow us to produce a feminist future?

Ideally, the format we will choose for our panel will be co-created by the panelists (traditional papers? Interactive workshop? Lightning talks?). A willingness to collaborate and shape this panel is greatly appreciated. Please send proposals, up to 300 words, to Danica Savonick (danicasavonick@gmail.com) by March 21.